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Boost the efficiency of your business processes with our tailor-made B2B mobile applications. Faithful to the motto: Screen over paper. From employee apps to accelerated data processing – our solutions save valuable time and promote smooth collaboration.

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How does it work?

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Ziele definieren

What should be achieved? How should it be done?

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Design draft

We bring your ideas to the screen.

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Finalize the draft

Final version is the ultimate expression of the product idea.

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Beggining of the development

The design is translated into reality.

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We test, improve, and implement the system into your infrastructure.

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Maintenance & Support

After completion, we continue to stand by your side reliably.

How does it work?

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Screen over Paper

The new employee app digitizes all handwritten processes such as departure control, work papers, liability disclaimers, and customer acceptance. Error-free rates and communication speed have massively increased.

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Disposition, time recording, transparency

With their own calendar and hourly system, movers always know exactly where they are needed next. The app allows transparent access to time accounts and the option to apply for vacation or send other messages to the office. All processes within one system.


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30 minutes

Example: Sieben Umzüge GmbH

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IOS Development

We bring your app to the AppStore. Finally, there is a direct connection between the office and field service.

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Android Development

We bring your app to the PlayStore. Make your systems accessible at no cost, for all your employees.

Free analysis of your project

We analyze your project for feasibility, the expected benefits, and provide you with an offer.

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